Name & Position Contact Info
  Mrs. Cristie Gilliard
Director of Special Education
(229) 377-8123
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  Ms. Nicole Glass
Assistant Director of Special Education
(229) 377-6005
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  Ms. Shannon Focaracci
School Psychologist
(229) 378-1228
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  Ms. Gray Kicklighter
School Psychologist
(229) 377-7402
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  Ms. Mona Hancock
Speech Therapist
(229) 378-1114
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  Ms. Pamela Hollingsworth
Transition Specialist
(229) 307-1742
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  Ms. Debra Whitley
Vision Specialist
(229) 377-7407
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  Ms. Rebecca Best
Parent Mentor
(229) 377-7396
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  Mrs. Susan Poole
Student Information Specialist
(229) 377-2722
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