Frequently Asked Questions

•  Special Education Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What process is in place if a student is struggling in school (behaviorally or academically)?

The Grady County School System does not believe any student to have to struggle educationally due to academic or behavior problems. For that reason, each school has established the Pyramids of Intervention to help struggling learners. The pyramid is based on a four tier system. Instructional supports are in place at each tier to assist teachers and students. If the supports at the lower tier are not successful, additional supports may be necessary at the next tier. For students who do not "respond to intervention" (RTI), a referral to special education may be necessary.

2.  What tier is special education?

Special education services are provided in tier four. When students do not respond to interventions they may moved through the levels of support. Please see the Pyramids of Intervention section of our website for more information. You will find the Pyramids of Intervention and the Grady County Manual under the Curriculum and Instruction portion of the Grady County website.

3.  What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

Any type of technology (high tech, low tech, hardware, software, or services) that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a student in accessing the curriculum.