ALPHA/Gifted Instructors

Eastside Elementary School 

Delceina Layne - 2nd-grade - ELA
Lindsey Maige - 3rd-grade - ELA, Math, Science, SS
Janet Burch - 5th-grade - ELA

Dawn Lee - 5th-grade - Math
Cecilia Lee - ALPHA Gifted Enrichment (all grades)

Northside Elementary School

Ashley Maxwell - Math, Science, SS, Science
Danielle Jones - ALPHA Gifted Enrichment (all grades)

Southside Elementary School

Delann Connell - 2nd-grade ELA, Math, Sci, SS
Renee Faircloth - 3rd-grade ELA & SS
Carly Mobley - 4th-grade Sci, SS
Shawn Woodward - 5th-grade
Darah Keaton - 5th-grade
Danielle Jones - ALPHA Gifted Enrichment (all grades)

Whigham Elementary School

Jessica Hancock - 3rd-grade Math
Lisa Sharp - 5th-grade Science & SS
Tammi Ausburn - 6th grade Math
Diane Watson - 6th-grade SS & 8th-grade ELA
Jessica Lanier - 7th-grade ELA
Carmen Harrison - 7th and 8th-grade Science
Cecilia Lee - ALPHA Gifted Enrichment (all grades)

Shiver Elementary School

Jenna John - 5th-grade ELA 
Jodi Brooks - 6th-grade
Brooke Pollock - 7th-grade ELA
Michele Sellers - 8th-grade ELA
Danielle Jones - ALPHA Gifted Enrichment (all grades)

Washington Middle School

Lanesha Tyler - 6th-grade Honors Math
Angel Ponder - 6th-grade Honors Earth Science
Sandra Vernon - 6th-grade Honors Social Studies
Kimsey Hodge - 6th-grade Honors English
Brad Cowart - 7th Honors Math & 9th-grade Honors Algebra I 
Jon Mizell - 7th and 8th-grade Honors Social Studies
Lori O'Brien - 7th Honors Life Science & 9th-grade Honors Physical Science
Dr. Varonika Hardman - 7th Honors Lit & 9th-grade Honors English I

Cairo High School - A College & Career Academy

Blair Dickinson - Honors US History & AP US History
Kristin Blough - Honors Pre-Calculus & AP Calculus
Greg Boyce - Honors American Gov/Civics
Thomas Shyamala - Honors Physics, AP Physics, Chemistry
Jesse Woodcock - Honors World History
John Carter Skeen- Honors US History
Layton Smith - Honors 10th-Grade Lit/Comp & AP Lit
Brandon Joiner - Honors Physical Science & Chemistry 
Brooke Reynolds - Honors Algebra II & Honors Pre-Calculus
Alex Papanicolopoulos - Honors Am. Lit & AP Language
Katie Meissner - Honors Geometry 
Morgan Blough - Honors 9th-Grade Lit/Comp